Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poem for the Beginning of the School Year

There’s no more avoiding or denying it. It’s back-to-school season. It is my sincere hope that everybody has the most amazing year ever and as you begin, I’d like to share with you a poem that I wrote last year after attending my son’s first grade poetry celebration.

As he plays, I watch.

He writes books with blurbs
And speech bubbles.
He scribbles song lyrics
And journals about his trip to the zoo.

He is a writer.

He asks to go to the library.
He seeks out books on bunnies
And runs to me when he learns
What they eat
And how long they live
And what we need to do to take care of them.

He is a reader.

He holds coins in his hands
And asks, “How much is this?”
And then counts
And adds
And figures it out for himself.

He is a mathematician.

He mixes chocolate
with water
and yogurt
and salt
and sugar
And says,
“I need to watch and see what happens.”
He waits
And observes
And makes notes.

He is a scientist.

He sits at the table and does his homework.
He’s in a hurry.
He wants to be done
He stops and asks,
Is this my best work?

He is a student.

He is a writer.
He is a reader.
He is a mathematician.
He is a scientist.
He is a student.


Because he has a teacher.

I hope you all have a fantastic year molding writers, readers, mathematicians, scientists, students, and most of all LEARNERS!

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