Monday, November 8, 2010

Say a Little Prayer

My computer is dying. As I write this blog (by hand, on a yellow legal pad), I am sitting a prayer-filled bedside vigil as my husband, the computer tech, is desperately attempting to resuscitate Windows which seems to be lost somewhere on the hard drive.

I fidget as I contemplate what the loss of my seven year old laptop may mean. All of the things that I do with ease and automaticity will now be so…complicated: checking my email, tweeting, pulling up a PowerPoint for Tuesday’s afterschool workshop, writing this week’s edition of The Boost.

The gravity of this situation is hitting me hard.


With my computer on life support, I digress from my normal musings about all things literacy. I apologize for the lapse and promise to share something meaningful as soon as I resolve my computer issues. In the meantime, say a little prayer for my ‘puter.


Patti A. said...

Please St. Anthony, come around
Something's lost that cant be found (windows!)

Kim and Craig need help

Figured I'd try he always comes through for me. Good Luck!

Kim Yaris said...

You crack me up! At the moment, it still remains on Life Support. Craig has one more idea to revive it and if that doesn't work, it becomes a door stop!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim! It is hard to part with that beloved old friend, I know. It happens eventually to the best of the 'puters!

Funny. I am really hoping that you had it

b a ck e d u p ?

Hope so!


Kim Yaris said...

Oh, you bet I had it backed up. I learned that lesson a long time ago. It helps to live with a computer tech. A week later, I can tell you that he worked his magic and I am typing this response on "Old Faithful." Hurray!